Terms of Service

A1DesignTeam. Corp offers comprehensive and the highest quality web solutions to clients across the globe. It is our utmost responsibility to ensure and protect each client’s privacy and provide the highest quality services to all.

All of our clients must abide to the terms of service stated below:

Indemnification Policy Terms

You, the client, agree to use our services by your own will. A1DesignTeam. Corp disclaims all guarantees of merchantability & fitness for a meticulous reason. In no circumstance or event A1DesignTeam. Corp shall be responsible for any kind of loss including but not limited to loss of data, commercial damage, incidental, consequential or other damages.

You agree that you shall defend, save, indemnify and hold A1DesignTeam. Corp harmless from all demands, losses, costs, liabilities and claims. This includes but is not limited to reasonable attorney’s fees claimed against A1 Design Team, our customers, agents, employees and officers that may occur or from any service performed, agreed or offered to be carried or any kind of product sold by its agents, customer or employees.

You, the customer, agree to defend, underwrite and also hold A1DesignTeam. Corp harmless against any or all liabilities resulting out of injuries to an individual or property due to any product sold or distributed through A1 Design Team Corp’s server.

We, A1 Design Team Corp, reserve the authority and all rights to arbitrate with any of the websites hosted on our severs in the best interest of our customers. We shall be the sole judge of what violates the policy in the event if any material is supplied by allegedly or customer infringing on the sole proprietary rights of a 3rd party copy right infringement or any defective product or service is sold to the customer from A1 Design Team Corp’s server.

Billing Terms

Please note, we bill our clients on monthly, sometimes on quarterly, semi-annually & annually basis. The billing largely depends on the payment plan you opt for. In case, you are not fully satisfied with our product or service within the first 30 days, we would gladly offer you 100% refund. However, there are a few special offers for which the money-back guarantee may be varied; and please note Domain Name service registration fee is non-refundable.

Payment Methods

A1DesignTeam. Corp we accept Master Card, Visa, Discover and American Express Card. We encourage our clients to pay through their credit cards as it is an easy and a hassle-free way to handle payments currently. For web hosting plans, we will set-up your account without any payment.

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